The 5PM Way

It’s what your business has been missing.


The 5pm way


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When we first created 5PM, we believed that social media is the most powerful way for businesses to connect with their customers in a personal, genuine way. This personal touch is a much-needed change to the marketing industry, and social media enables it in a cost-efficient, and manageable way. 5PM is built around teaching and instructing businesses about the best ways to show their true ‘voice’ of the company through their media outlets, which creates real connection with their consumers. This in turn creates brand loyalty to you, and promotes not just single sales, but repeat ones. The 5PM philosophy is built on a belief that customers of the 18-35 year old range are desperate for businesses to treat them less like cash cows, and more like real people.

Sheldon and Josiah are the owners of 5PM, and use their own Social Media platforms as evidence for their success in the market. Their Instagram series ‘Couch Talk’ discusses new marketing strategies that businesses should be implementing to create content that consumers care about.


The 5PM Method

  • Create a business page centered around being real and raw to customers

  • Build an audience of engaged followers who love your content

  • Promote products in a non-invasive way that translates into genuine sales