Aaaaand we're back

Wow. It’s been a long time since we’ve given our website some love.

In all honesty, life just gets busy. That’s the honest truth. This business was something that I had always had a very long-term mindset about, but tenacity is a skill that I am still working on.

So what’s the news with 5PM? Where are we? What’s been going on?

The last month or so we’ve been working with some really great clients. Discussing social media and presentation, as well as taking care of some people’s pages, it’s been really enjoyable working with a lot of truly amazing people in my town.

There has been a genuine move in social media towards outsourcing your work to professionals, and it only makes sense. Social Media is a huge part of every business, and attention is the currency now. If people don’t see you, you don’t exist. That’s the competition. For attention.

I’ve sat watching Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Tik Tok the last few months, and i’m seeing an incredible shift in the usage of these sites. The Fall of Facebook is something that I am becoming even more worried about for businesses. It’s simply no longer enough to have a Facebook page that you post to a few times a month. Using all of the social media apps at your disposal, and creating content, is so important I don’t know how I can stress this to people more. Facebook is not enough.

That being said, I have also met with business owners who haven’t even started on their social media yet. And that’s another terrifying prospect. These are good businesses, with owners that want to succeed, but just have not adapted to the current technology revolution, and that’s a scary ordeal. You can have the greatest product in the world, but if your marketing stinks, it’s going to be glossed over. Your posts are your future customers first opportunity to interact with you - you want to be making it a memorable experience.

So here I am, back at trying to write a couple of these blog posts every few days. I’m still learning, growing, and improving on what I’m trying to do here. I want small businesses to succeed. I want them to have a gorgeous social media presence. I just want to help.

- Sheldon

Sheldon Lynn