Attention is Currency

We live in a digital age in which your attention is both fleeting and the desperate desire of every single business.

Your attention is what influences your decisions. Wherever you are looking is the target for the marketing department of businesses.

But with so many billions of people in the world, how can successful marketing be pulled off?

The answer?

Niche marketing.

There is a pressure on a lot of businesses, especially small businesses to cater for everyone.

The problem is, it’s impossible to cater for everyone.

In fact, it’s hard enough trying to cater for a very specific mindset of people.

In this world, as a business, you need to be known in select community groups for a select few niche thoughts.

Are you environmentally-friendly?

Best on price?

Best service?

Highest ratings on Yelp, Google, Facebook, etc?

Whatever your specific niche is, you need to cater to that.

Cater to it hard.

I see a lot of businesses on Facebook and Instagram trying to grab the attention of everyone.

And they’re grabbing the attention of no-one. Because nobody wants to be treated like a blanket statement anymore. Individualism is a defining factor in a human’s life as they are constantly barraged by people who are all unique and individualistic within themselves.

Influencer marketing is the perfect example of this.

Nobody screams unique like each influencer. Each with their own specific following, specific photos, way of engaging with their audience.

Influencers are as real as they can be. At least, to the consumers they are.

That’s the goal of business in 2019. To realise that you need to become an influencer for your own brand.

We are heading towards a point where if you cannot attain the attention of your audience for sustained periods of time, which requires you to post every single day and engage with your audience, you are over as a business. You just haven’t realised it yet.

So today, I beg you, as a small business owner.

Please realise the importance of influencer marketing, of attention, and how to garner it from fans that like you through niche marketing.

Sheldon Lynn