The Importance of Not Getting It Right

It’s OK to be wrong.

The first time I heard that, it sent shivers down my spine.

I had spent my entire school life pushed by parents who only ever saw value in the form of an A+.

I had worked in industries in which mistakes resulted in written warnings, a stern talking to from the supervisor, and the following week, reduced hours.

I had grown up in a house where discipline came from failure, but praise never came after success.

And so, the sheer idea of ever being wrong would freeze me.

I was paralysed by the idea of being wrong. I refused to take risks. I played it incredibly safe.

What resulted?

Well, I was miserable.

I had never lived outside of the box. Never dared attempt anything too ‘out there’ in case I would be ridiculed by parents, peers, or partners.

And so I stayed miserable. Because at least in my misery, people didn’t look down on me.

I was really wrong.

You see, my happiness is so much more important than being ‘right’ about something.

My misery WAS the failure. It just wasn’t displayed outward for ridicule.

So I decided to change that.

And started 5PM.

And you know what? It’s exciting.

A business focused around helping other businesses that think they’re ‘failing’.

A business focused on removing other business owner's misery.

A business that makes me want to get out of bed each day for.

You see, 5PM is so much more than a business where we assist others with their social media.

It’s a way of life. A philosophy to always try again. A method to try new things that might not work. A belief that the only mistake in business is to avoid trying to make any. And a faith that even if things don’t work out, i’m a lot happier than I was if I had never done this at all.

So perhaps you’re feeling the same. You’re running a business and you’re scared of making a mistake.

Especially in your Social Media (where everybody can see the mistake).

That’s totally ok. It’s natural to be a bit worried.

But, 5PM Social is here to help you with that.

We can calm the nerves, and build you a social media campaign that you’ll want to smile at.

Because we know how daunting it can be.

And you certainly don’t have to do it alone.

Catch you guys on the next one.


Sheldon LynnComment